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Attila Fias - RIDE


RIDE is the Attila Fias Trio's latest album, released in October 2016. It's a diverse collection of original modern jazz compositions with world music influences such as Brazilian, Indian, Cuban and Hungarian. There are also two arrangements on the album, of a Chopin piece and a Hungarian folk song.

The core trio remains the same as on Attila's first album "Stories" with incredible bass virtuoso Pat Kilbride and wonderfully musical drummer Richard Brisco, who have always been fundamental to this music, including its creation. But there are some stellar guest musicians as well on this record. Juno award winning John Johnson delivers his trademark bold sound on tracks such as "Breakthrough" and "Ride" as well as some brilliant flute work on "Cutie". Guitar phenomenon Eric St-Laurent's sensitive contributions add exquisite depth and subtlety to the music, acclaimed flautist Bill McBirnie's rich alto flute sound on "Little Bossa" is luxurious, and New York City's chromatic harmonica master Hendrik Meurkens creates sublime lyrical melodies on the Brazilian flavoured tracks.

It is frequently receiving regular airplay on Toronto's Jazz-FM and CBC radio, and has garnered very positive reviews:

"Attila's new recording Ride is an explosion of incredible playing married to great compositions. The influences are many, but the sound is uniquely his own. His music has been sounding great on JAZZ-FM91"
- Brad Barker - Musical Director/On-Air Host, Jazz-FM91, Toronto

"I think it's a masterpiece on every level. Your compositions are great, the playing (by everyone) is sensational and the sound is beautiful. Your own playing always knocks me out."
- Don Thompson - Jazz Legend (recorded with Jim Hall, George Shearing, Paul Desmond, John Handy)

"This album, Ride is amazing... I think a lot of people need to hear this record... to know that people are still making music that's really hard to play and somehow accessible..."
- Jaymz Bee - On-Air Host, Jazz in The City, Jazz-FM91, Toronto

Liner Notes

My intent in making this album was to take you on a ride, a tour of my eclectic musical life! All the music involves my core trio of piano, bass and drums, with guest musicians joining us for certain pieces. We begin with Breakthrough, a jazz tune aimed at emboldening you to keep moving forward, beyond your boundaries. From there, the first part of the Portraits of Canada series is introduced. This suite is a musical homage to the natural beauty of Canada, its waters and forests, things that we must cherish and safeguard.

The album also makes several Brazilian stops along the way, with a samba (Boas Novas), a bossa nova (Little Bossa), and a chorinho (Cutie) featuring the voice of the chromatic harmonica. The Circle depicts a "roda" - a circular gathering where Capoeira is practiced. This is a martial art from Brazil I have studied for years which integrates music, and the track uses authentic Capoeira instruments. The idea for my arrangement of Chopin's Fantaisie-impromptu for jazz trio occurred to me years ago, as I wanted to highlight the melodic and harmonic beauty of this composition, underscored with a rhythmic Latin jazz approach. I included a Hungarian Folk Song as a nod to my heritage, and this little gem, whose title "Paros csillag" translates roughly to "A Pair of Stars", is a lament over lost love. The title track is a jazz fusion piece meant to make you feel as if you are on your favourite Ride, whatever that may be.

Track list:

All compositions by Attila Fias, except track 4 (Frederic Chopin) and track 10 (traditional), arranged by Attila Fias.

1. Breakthrough  5:47
2. Portraits of Canada - Overture  5:22
3. Boas Novas (Good News)  5:38
4. Fantaisie-impromptu (Chopin)  4:11
5. Portraits of Canada - Waters  7:27
6. Ride  5:49
7. The Circle  5:34
8. Little Bossa  5:30
9. Portraits of Canada - Forests  7:51
10. Hungarian Folk Song (Paros csillag)  3:46
11. Cutie  2:29

Album Details:


The Trio:

Attila Fias - piano, rhodes, berimbau, pandeiro, atabaque
Pat Kilbride - upright and electric bass
Richard Brisco - drums, pandeiro


Eric St-Laurent - electric and acoustic guitar (tracks 1, 3, 6)
John Johnson - tenor and baritone sax, flute (tracks 1, 6, 11)
Bill McBirnie - alto flute (track 8)
Hendrik Meurkens - chromatic harmonica (tracks 3, 8, 11)


Recorded at The Drive Shed Recording Studios, by John "Beetle" Bailey, assisted by Taylor Kernohan
Mixed by Steve Wingfield and Attila Fias
Mastered by Steve Wingfield
Cover photography by Tom Arban
Produced by Attila Fias

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