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Attila in India - Blending Indian music with jazz

During Attila's latest visit to India in 2015, he spent time just absorbing the music and the music scene, listening, sitting in on rehearsals, hanging out, going to concerts, studios, composing, playing and recording with some incredible musicians. He learned a lot from observing how they approach their music, compose and improvise, and applied some of these ideas to his own musical concepts.

Check out the following videos:
The first one is Attila's original exciting Indian fusion composition "Meeting in Ten" recorded at Keerthana Studio in Mumbai, India, featuring Attila Fias on piano and Indian musical masters Deepak Pandit on violin and Rajesh Rajbhatt on tabla.

Meeting in Ten by Attila Fias

The second video is a beautiful composition by Deepak Pandit entitled "Goddess of Music", features the same musicians and was recorded in the same studio. The piece starts with the introduction of the raga, and setting of the mood. Then the tabla comes and sets the tempo and the 7/4 time signature, and the theme is stated and elaborated several times, followed by improvisation from all instruments. The piece ends with a restatement of the theme.

This composition was featured in an article Attila wrote for the November/December 2016 issue of Canadian Musician magazine.

Goddess of Music by Deepak Pandit
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