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Attila Fias is an award-winning, Hungarian born jazz pianist, composer, arranger and producer raised in Toronto. His special blend of sounds from across the globe reflects his rich and varied musical background with influences from Canada, Hungary, Brazil, Cuba and India.

Attila Fias

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Check out this short compilation of musical moments from Attila Fias' performances


Attila Fias at SAM - 1
Attila Fias with Eric St. Laurent
Attila Fias & the Niagara Symphony
Attila Fias at the Rex in Toronto
Attila with June Garber
Attila Fias - solo piano
Attila Fias at SAM - 2
Attila Fias at Hugh's Room - 1
Attila Fias & Eric St. Laurent
Attila Fias - Hugh's Room - 2
The Attila Fias Trio
Attila Fias & the Niagara Symphony
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