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Attila Fias' new album with his intent to take you on a ride, a tour of his eclectic musical life! All the music involves his core trio of piano, bass and drums, with guest musicians joining them for certain pieces. They begin with Breakthrough, a jazz tune aimed at emboldening you to keep moving forward, beyond your boundaries. From there, the first part of the Portraits of Canada series is introduced. This suite is a musical homage to the natural beauty of Canada, its waters and forests, things that we must cherish and safeguard.
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The Attila Fias Trio's debut album is entitled "Stories" - a spirited fusion of modern jazz with various ethnic influences such as Brazilian, Indian and Hungarian as well as touches of Classical and Electronica music. Attila has drawn on his multi-faceted background and created 10 compositions (stories) that are rhythmically exciting, descriptive and musical. The album is eclectic, but feels unified by a common musical spirit.
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piecesPieces of the Earth
PIECES OF THE EARTH is a piano duo album by Attila Fias and John Kameel Farah, and is inspired by our planet in all of its manifestations: as a world of deep oceans and pillared mountains of natural wonder and majesty; as a precious island in our solar system, as a place of civilizations blooming and falling, and as a fragile, delicate environment in peril. Themes of the fluttering of birds, volcanic plumes, cosmic dervishes, dreamy gardens and trembling warnings from the Earth itself intertwine throughout the album.
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Indian MusicIndian Music
Attila has performed with many outstanding Indian musicians in the past and has been influenced by their music. He is very passionate for the highly sophisticated Indian music world and often integrates its elements into his own compositions. Watch and listen to some of Attila's recordings, made in India, and discover the melodic and rhythmic complexities his fusion of this music offers.

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commercialsCommercial Albums
Throughout his career, Attila has produced, and/or performed on over 100 internationally distributed albums, including Platinum and Gold selling CDs in Canada, the US and worldwide. There is a wide variety of jazz standards, pop/rock tunes, gospel, classical, children's music and much more arranged by Attila for the piano and various ensembles. Click here to explore his commercial discography, listen to samples, get more information and find out how to buy these albums.
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othersOther Recordings
Attila also appears as a pianist and producer on various other albums, such as the gold selling Trews album "Den of Thieves", Olivia Newton John's "A Celebration in Song", renowned Indian singer Hariharan's "Waqt Par Bolna", who has sung for many films, and is one of the pioneers of Indian fusion music. Also included is "Paradise", an album that combines the age-old allure of beautiful hymns with a youthful, contemporary musical influence. It was produced and recorded by Attila in collaboration with Steven Wingfield.
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