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Welcome to the pages of pianist, composer, arranger and producer Attila Fias. The website has lots of information, music, photos, videos, frequent updates and other tidbits. Please take a look around!

Some musical moments from Attila Fias' performances

Check out Attila's new album: RIDE

Attila's original composition "Meeting in Ten"
recorded in Mumbai, India.
Featuring Indian musical masters Deepak Pandit on violin
and Rajesh Rajbhatt on tabla.

Another beautiful arrangement:  "Goddess of Music"
recorded also in Mumbai, India, with Attila Fias on the piano,
Deepak Pandit on violin
and Rajesh Rajbhatt on tabla.

Attila at Madison Square Garden Theater in New York City

Take a look at Attila's article in a 2014 (July/Aug, 2014) issue of Canadian Musician magazine! Click here and go to page 27/80

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